Guns, Ammo, Other Fun Stuff

Updated 1998/06/18

You can expect to see information here talking about the various guns that I own: description, condition, performance, ammunition. There will also be some talk about home made guns, handloads for production guns, bullets, and maybe some references to gun laws. Who knows what all I'll actually put in here.

Right now, the little extra piece of information I have here is a message from Dr. Edgar Suter. Read and enjoy.

Guns in my collection

This is a short review of the guns that I've got so far. Each one has a little thumbnail picture. Click on it to get the full-size image.

Round about this point, some of you out there, notably the .45 fans, are cringing. Yes, that's right, you're reading a page written by a 9mm fan. Sure, the .45 has more stopping power than the 9mm. So fucking what? A paperclip has enough stopping power for even an elephant: if only you use it right. A .22 is more than enough to drop the toughest, most drugged-up criminal (or cop) that you'll ever meet: just hit the eye and let it rattle around in the skull for a bit. Don't give me stopping power. Give me accuracy. But, I'm willing to take extra stopping power so long as it doesn't screw up my accuracy. And that's the 9mm. Hell. I've got adrenaline. In a life-or-death situation, I'll probably be just a wee bit excited. That hurts accuracy. The 9mm has enough stopping power that even if I don't get a one-shot stop, I'll buy myself enough time to get a two-shot stop. And I've got 15 shots per clip.

Jon Paul Nollmann