Ruger M77MkII Ultralight

Updated 1998/06/18

This is my first gun. I bought it specifically for deer hunting. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to bring bambi home yet, but I'm still trying.

I learned to shoot with this gun (as if you ever finish learning). Used to load another batch of rounds every Friday night, and run down to the shooting range every Saturday morning, and spend the afternoon cleaning. Wish I had the time to go back to that. You anti-gun freaks won't understand, but that was a wonderfully peaceful time. Got pretty good. 1" 5-round groups at 100 meters every time. Handloads are very much better than factory. You have to go out of your way to produce handloads that are as bad as factory ammo.

The gun has an 18½" barrel. Very light. Walnut stock. Standard rotating bolt design. 5 round capacity in a magazine with hinged floorplate.

Being so light, the gun's got enormous kick. But then again, if you can't kill a deer in one shot, you shouldn't be hunting.

No sights; the gun was designed for a scope, and that's how I use it. I've used to have a a Deerfield 3-9x40 scope, but that got messed up when I dropped the gun down the side of a mountain. Whoops. Now it's got a Leupold 3-9x50. I'm quite pleased with the thing. It's far better than that Deerfield. And that 50mm objective really lights up the sight picture.

Have you ever fired accelerators? More correctly, they're called sabot rounds. I've got some that Remington made (they're the source of the term "accelerators"). 55gr .223 rounds in a .308 sabot. These things fly. The kick was almost nothing. I was able to see the impact through my scope before the kick messed up my sight picture. It was beautiful. Too bad they're illegal now. But that doesn't mean we don't have stockpiles... heh... heh... heh...

Jon Paul Nollmann