Ruger 10/22RB

Updated 1998/06/15

When anyone talks about a .22 rifle, they're probably talking about a 10/22. These things are everywhere, and well they deserve it. I still haven't bothered sighting mine in, it was so good out of the box. First time that I fired it, I was hitting 1" superballs (you know, the kind that bounce really well?) at 100m with open sights. And that with shitty ammo. Very nice. Now admittedly, I needed one shot for ranging each time, but what the hey? Still very good.

I picked up a box of high-quality ammo last month. Dynamit Nobel from RWS in Germany. These are beautiful rounds. Barely trying, I got every last round into 1.5" at 37m. I gotta start practicing with these at 100m.

The gun has an 18½" barrel. Iron sights standard. It came with scope mounts, but I haven't mounted a scope yet. I'm kinda waffling on the idea. I originally bought the gun so I could learn iron sights, and so I could clear my jitters after firing the .30-'06 at the range. I'll still be able to clear my jitters, and I've got other guns for iron sights now, but this thing is so accurate I almost feel a scope would be an insult to the gun.

Of course, being a rimfire gun, I have never fired a handload through it.

Jon Paul Nollmann