Updated 1998/05/22

I'm still looking for an icon to point here from my main page. I want an actual photograph of an old-fashion soap box. Lifebuoy brand would be perfect. The photograph needs to be very clear, because I'm gonna shrink it down to about 20 pixels square to make a button out of it as with my other buttons on my main page. If you see or have a picture of a soapbox, email a pointer to it to me. Of course, the photo needs to already be digital.

I yap a lot. I yap a whole lot.

I've got a lot of opinions. I've thought them all out in excruciating detail.

Here. Read some.

Essays that are "open for business" should show up highlighted in a kinda off green. If it doesn't show up highlighted, you can't get there.

By the way: in case you aren't aware yet, every written document in the world is automatically protected by copyright whether it says so or not. Even US law acknowledges that. You might think that you can make a strong case to the contrary in a court of law. I say, "Who said anything about court?"

Jon Paul Nollmann sinster@ballistictech.net