Taken from actual posts to the DC-Stuff mailing list, How To "Get Off" (The List) is a compilation of many of the better tonque-in-cheek hints and suggestions for people who don't understand how internet mailing lists work.
   When they send their unsubscribe attempts to the list, the failed unsubscribe attempt is retransmitted to every member of the list. In this case, a highly knowledgable group whose membership includes noted experts and industry professionals. Even worse is when the uninitiated then try to buffalo their way through the goof. It isn't always pretty, but it can certainly be humorous to see the creative hints they receive as they are reminded that they have the power to remove themselves from the mailing list. List members are fond of pointing out, every post received contains instructions on how to unsubscribe, if attention is given to the post properly. This page is mirrored at Attrition.

   Referenced in How to "Get Off" (The List), the ISP provided Unsubscribe Kit(TM) is still a popular favorite that can be enjoyed by all!