Wasurenaide - doko e itte mo soko ni iru yo

Updated 1998/04/18

Ok, ok. You're right. I can't expect everyone to have seen Buckaroo Banzai. And you're right, I can't expect everyone to know Japanese. And you're even more right, not everyone gets so bored that they spend their off time translating obscure movie quotes into Japanese.

Deal. Ok?

It means "Remember - no matter where you go, there you are." Happy already?

For those who know nihongo, you'll know that wasurenaide actually means "don't forget", while oboete is "remember". However, I've been told by (I hope) a reliable source that the wasurenaide version is more colloquial.

Hell! What am I thinking?! We're talking about Buckaroo Banzai here... who cares about colloquial?

Jon Paul Nollmann sinster@ballistictech.net